【1 min movie】Ecuador at 7a.m.

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“the world at 7 a.m. ” is a project which offers you to view beautiful pictures and movies from all around the world shot and edited by micronheads. 


Ecuador at 7a.m.


This is my personal travel footage from 1week trip to Ecuador in February, 2018.  What kind of image do you have of Ecuador? I’m guessing almost guys has never been there, and it’s not popular place in comparison other Latin America countries such as Colombia, Peru. Before visiting there, I was same kind of person. but after few seconds, I loved the small beautiful country. Ecuador has lots of nature, volcanos, hot spring, local pure cultures and welcoming characters.    




I arrived from Colombia where I traveled for 3 weeks, and stayed some places. on my 1st day, I visited Otavalo where is renowned for largest indigenan market in South America. I strolled about market from early morning, Huge animal market caught me eyes straightaway, and enjoyed chatting with local people and tasted yummy local street food. this market is held every Saturday and really spirited. 



and then, I moved to Quito, beautiful modern capital for couple of days. I was surprised because the capital is so organized and has lots of places to visit. heaps of museums, churches and colonial old buildings. you can hang around by modern, comfy bus easily.  





and then visited Quilotoa Lake where takes 3 to 4 hours from the capital. I did camping at night and next morning tried the loop hiking around the magical green lake, and enjoyed spectacular view. the 4 hours hikes gives you amazing experience and fresh air. the place isn’t filled with tourists, so you’ll definitely love the atmosphere, and also nice camping as well. 







People are always welcoming, warm and smiled me every moments and spoke to me “Hola!” with brilliant smile. On the footage, you’ll see the beautiful landscapes, nature and Otavalo’s market.





Camera: SONY α6500
Lense: SONY ZEISS 16-70mm 4.0
Software: Final cut

Music : PREP “Don’t Bring Me Down “


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