【 1min movie 】Laos at 7a.m.

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“the world at 7 a.m. ” is a project which offers you to view beautiful pictures and movies from all around the world shot and edited by micronheads. 



Laos at 7 a.m.

This is my personal travel footage from 2 weeks trip to Laos in September 2017. I traveled from Hanoi, Vietnam to Luang Prabang by bus, it took more than 27 hours. 




I stayed there couple days to take rest and chill and then head to North by bus and boat. The small village named Muang Ngoi was amazing. the remote village is located along the river (branch from Mekong River) and mountains.





I definitely loved that beautiful country. Everything surrounded me was perfect. Local people gave me incredible warm smile every time and the food were so amazing. Even one day I had a lunch at local restaurant, they gave me lots of glass of beer! They couldn’t speak English well, but it didn’t matter.
muan ngoi



And on the footage, you can see the traditional monk’s begging. As the sun rises , Buddhist monks depart from their temples to gather their daily meal. This daily ceremony is both peaceful and spiritual and gives you a unforgettable opportunity to experience an ancient Lao tradition.






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