【1 min movie】Mexico at 7a.m.

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“the world at 7 a.m. ” is a project which offers you to view beautiful pictures and movies from all around the world shot and edited by micronheads. 



Mexico at 7a.m.


This is my personal travel footage from 4 weeks trip to Mexico in November, 2017.
I started my journey from Mexico City. at that time, the famous festival named “Dia de Muerto”(Day of the Dead) is held in Mexico, and this was the one of the reasons why I came there.






I definitely loved that beautiful country. I spent for a week in the capital and attractive, amazing city, Puebla. and then I headed o Chiapas, Yucatan direction. the country has a plenty of kinds of food, drink, cultures and ruins in every where. all of them attracted me so a lot and it’s so easy to spend 4 weeks.






People are always welcoming, warm and smiled me every moments and spoke to me “Hola!” with brilliant smile. On the footage, you’ll see the beautiful landscapes, ruins and also some moments in the festival of Independence day. I was in Valladorid, Yucatan at that day. from early morning people gathered around the corners in the small town and a heaps of people danced, performed the in all morning.


I especially liked San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas. the small city is surrounded by mountains and serves as a capital for different groups of Mayan descendants, who come to sell their crafts in the awesome cobbled streets. San Cristóbal de Las Casas is a well-preserved colonial town with a bohemian vibe, well endowed with local cafés and artisan markets. you can meet meny buckpackers on the street who selling necklace, rings with some stones taken in Chiapas district. Nearby the city, traditional customs and beliefs continue to thrive in some villages, and offer a great opportunities to get involved into Mexico’s native cultures.






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