【 1min movie 】Myanmar at 7a.m.

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Myanmar at 7a.m.

In Myanmar there are over 130 ethnic groups and a variety of different languages and cultural features, many of them found only in the remote mountainous regions. I took night bus from Bangkok and at first, settled down in Hpa-an. This lovely, cozy, compact town located in between the border and Yangon. I really highly recommend you to visit there if you have time. 




Let yourself be inspired by stately processions of monks robed in saffron and purple, shaven-headed nuns seeking alms and elegant Burmese ladies adorned with yellow thanakha paste. This cosmetic, “Thanakha” is used for men and you’ll see them everyday, everywhere. it means sun protect and whitening effects. 




You can’t walk down the street in any of Myanmar’s cities or villages without encountering one thing—a smile. Unlike other cities that are largely reliant on the tourism trade, the hospitality, kindness, and care offered by the Burmese people is completely genuine. the locals are more than happy to practice their language skills over a long chat.











I tool a trip through the pagoda- studded landscape that surrounds the old Bagan (known as Pagan) town. got E-Bike everywhere in the town and it took me to the inspiring temples and climb up to the top of some and be rewarded with incredible views of the surrounding lands. whenever in the morning or evening, the view was amazing and surely catch your emotions and make it unforgettable moment.




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【the world at 7a.m.】1分間ムービー |ラオス編
世界各国で「午前7時」の様子を1分間でまとめる映像プロジェクト『the world at 7a.m.』。今回は2週間を旅したラオス編。川や山などの自然や美味しそうな朝食、托鉢を行う仏教僧や漁をする人々などの生活を撮影。


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【the world at 7a.m.】1分間ムービー |ベトナム編
世界各国で「午前7時」の様子を1分間でまとめる映像プロジェクト『the world at 7a.m.』。今回は3週間を旅したベトナム編。洞窟などの自然や活気ある市場、美味しそうな朝食やベトナムコーヒーなど、人々の生活を撮影。


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