【 1min movie 】Vietnam at 7a.m.

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“the world at 7 a.m. ” is a project which offers you to view beautiful pictures and movies from all around the world shot and edited by micronheads. 



Vietnam at 7a.m.

This is my personal travel footage from 3 weeks trip to Vietnam in August 2017. I traveled through Vietnam from Ho Chi Minh city to Hanoi by bus and train. I was fortunate to stay with a very welcoming family almost every city with Couchsurfing. I’ll never forget the beautiful people, culture and landscape of this country.


My favorite Vietnamese experience is walking through the villages, town and meeting the incredibly warm and friendly people. This amazing country is such an interesting place to photograph and movie as there is such a variety of subjects and landscapes.


trang an


You can see the beautiful cave, evergreen forest and exciting local market, and really tasty breakfast on the footage. The markets are an explosion of senses, filled with vegetables, fruits and live fish and crabs and so on. It’s definitely an experience in itself.







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